The Miracle
Series A for Andromeda
Season 1, Episode 3
A for Andromeda (TV series)
Air date October 17th, 1961
Writers Fred Hoyle
John Elliot
Director Michael Hayes
Producers Michael Hayes
Norman James
Starring Esmond Knight; Patricia Kneale; Peter Halliday; Noel Johnson; Julie Christie
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"The Miracle" is the third episode of A for Andromeda and first aired on the BBC on October 17th, 1961.

Synopsis Edit

At Thorness in Scotland, scientist John Fleming nears completion of the Ministry of Defence's new supercomputer. He is joined by a biolgist named Madeleine Dawnay. The computer program that the scientists intercepted from the Andromeda Galaxy outlines the design for the creation of living cell tissue. Fleming grows wary of the project and suspects that an alien intelligence might be behind the supercomputer's equations. Dawnay remains undeterred however and experiments on the designs that the computer outputs. She succeeds in synthesising a primitive protoplasmic lifeform. Fleming grows even more concerned and voices his opinion, declaring that the entire project should be shut down.

Meanwhile, Dennis Bridger continues to sell the project's secrets to Kaufmann at Intel. The Ministry of Defence learns of his betrayal Judy Adamson confronts him. Bridger tries to escape, but dies after falling off the edge of a cliff.

Cast Edit

Peter Halliday Doctor John Fleming
Esmond Knight Professor Ernest Reinhart
Mary Morris Madeleine Dawnay
Frank Windsor Dennis Bridger
Patricia Kneale Judy Adamson
Noel Johnson J.M. Osborne
Donald Stewart General Vandenberg
Julie Christie Christine
Geoffrey Lewis Doctor Geers
Peter Henchie Egon
Jack May Major Quadring
Anthony Valentine Corporal
John Rowlands Sentry

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The story is told in flashback from the recollection of Professor Ernest Reinhart.

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