The Face of the Tiger
Series A for Andromeda
Season 1, Episode 7
A for Andromeda (TV series)
Air date November 14th, 1961
Writers Fred Hoyle
John Elliot
Director Michael Hayes
Producers Michael Hayes
Norman James
Starring Esmond Knight; Patricia Kneale; Peter Halliday; Noel Johnson; Julie Christie
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"The Face of the Tiger"
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"The Face of the Tiger" is the seventh episode of A for Andromeda and first aired on the BBC on November 7th, 1961. It is also the final episode of the series. The series continues in the 1962 sequel program The Andromeda Breakthrough.

Synopsis Edit

Doctor Madeleine Dawnay has fallen gravely ill due to her interaction with the Thorness computer. Doctor John Fleming is able to determine the correct formula to counteract the effects of the enzyme and save his colleague's life. The research team all agree that Andromeda is out of control and must be stopped – however, Fleming now begins to realize that he has fallen in love with the clone construct.

The Ministry of Defence exercises complete control over the project. Andromeda tries to kill Doctor Fleming but fails in her efforts. She confesses to Fleming that she is a slave of the computer which is working to take over humanity -- something that Fleming has feared ever since it was first constructed. Fleming gains entry to the computer room where he takes an axe to the machine, destroying it.

Now free of the machine, Andromeda is able to access the safe that contains the copies of the original message with the instructions for building the computer. She burns the instructions so that the machine cannot be rebuilt.

Andromeda flees with Fleming to one of the islands near the base. Pursued by soldiers, they hide in a series of caves on the island. However, Andromeda is apparently killed when she falls into a deep pool. The dejected Fleming is brought back to Thorness by the soldiers.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Peter Halliday Doctor John Fleming
Patricia Kneale Judy Adamson
Julie Christie Andromeda
Esmond Knight Ernest Reinhart
Noel Johnson J.M. Osborne
Jack May Major Quadring
Tony Valentine Corporal
Barry Jackson 1st sentry
Derek Lanyon 2nd sentry
John Rowlands Operator

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Final episode of the series.
  • The timeline shifts to the year 1972 with this episode.

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