"The point is, somebody in the East wants us to know they've got the technical edge on us, so they launch a whole series of un-interceptible missiles. They flaunt them over our heads just to show the world we have no means of... retaliation."
General Vandenberg
The Face of the Tiger
Series A for Andromeda
Season 1, Episode 6
A for Andromeda - The Face of the Tiger 001
Air date November 7th, 1961
Writers Fred Hoyle
John Elliot
Director Michael Hayes
Producers Michael Hayes
Norman James
Starring Esmond Knight; Patricia Kneale; Peter Halliday; Noel Johnson; Julie Christie
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"The Face of the Tiger" is the sixth episode of A for Andromeda and first aired on the BBC on November 7th, 1961.

Synopsis Edit

Other nations begin firing orbital missiles over British airspace as a demonstration of power. The Ministry of Defence has the Thorness team develop a program via Andromeda and their new supercomputer that will enable them to intercept incoming missiles. The program proves successful and they down one of the foreign rockets.

The Ministry is now determined to make full use of Andromeda and they recognize her potential and ability towards improving industrial and military standards in Great Britain.

Doctor Fleming meanwhile, is horrified at everything that has been done thus far and continues in his efforts to destroy Andromeda and the computer. As a result, his access to the computer system is revoked.

The British government makes a trade deal with Kaufmann of the Intel Corporation for the rights to a new enzyme that Andromeda has developed - an enzyme that purportedly heals injured cells.

Madeleine Dawnay begins to have her own doubts about Andromeda. She agrees to aid Doctor Fleming by entering a program into the computer to convince it that Andromeda is dead. Andromeda discovers the program and reverses it. The computer reacts to the tampering by corrupting the enzyme formula, making Dawnay and her assistants gravely ill.

Cast Edit

Peter Halliday Doctor John Fleming
Esmond Knight Professor Ernest Reinhart
Mary Morris Madeleine Dawnay
Julie Christie Andromeda
Donald Stewart General Vandenberg
Patricia Kneale Judy Adamson
Geoffrey Lewis Doctor Geers
John Murray-Scott Harvey
Forster Norris BBC interviewer
David King Minister of Defence Burdett
Ernest Hare Minister of Defence Ratcliff
Maurice Hedley Prime Minister
Peter Ducrow Doctor Hunter
Peter King Newsreader
Kenneth Wynne Cluton-Danvers
Michael Hayes Countdown announcer
Barry Jackson 1st Sentry

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