3rd Rock from the Sun
3rd Rock from the Sun Season 6
Title: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Format: Live-Action
Running time: 30 min.
country: USA
Network: NBC logo smallNBC
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 139
Production company: Carsey-Werner Company; YBYL Productions
Executive producers: Bonnie Turner; Terry Turner
Producers: Bill Martin; Tim Ryder; Mike Schiff
Principal cast: John Lithgow; Kristen Johnston; French Stewart; Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Jane Curtin
Air dates
First aired: January 9th, 1996
Last aired: May 22nd, 2001
3rd Rock from the Sun is an American television situation comedy with a science fiction undercurrent. The show ran for six seasons on NBC from January, 1996 to May of 2002 spanning a total of 139 episodes. The show was produced by the Carsey-Werner Company and YBYL Productions. The premise of the series involves a group of extraterrestrials who come to Earth to study its cultures. They assume humanoid form and masquerade as a family under the surname Solomon. John Lithgow plays Dick Solomon, the High Commander of the group who helps them to establish their cover identities and encourages the others to go out and see what the planet has to offer. Kristen Johnston plays Sally Solomon, the team's security officer, who is unaccustomed to taking on the form of a female, and must deal with all of the foibles of masquerading as an Earth woman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Tommy Solomon who, while assuming the form of a teenage boy is actually the eldest member of the group. Tommy's life becomes difficult when he finds himself struggling with puberty and the tribulations of high school. The team's communications officer, Harry Solomon (played by French Stewart), poses as Dick Solomon's younger brother and is known for his quirky and erratic behavior. He is also responsible for receiving and transmitting message to their superior, the Big Giant Head. Rounding out the cast is Jane Curtin who plays Mary Albright, a human anthropology professor at Pendelton State University in Ohio. She becomes the colleague and potential love interest to Dick Solomon, but is unaware that he and the others are aliens from another planet.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Brains and Eggs January 9th, 1996
1x2 Post-Nasal Dick January 16th, 1996
1x3 Dick's First Birthday January 23rd, 1996
1x4 Dick Is from Mars, Sally Is from Venus January 30th, 1996
1x5 Dick, Smoker February 6th, 1996
1x6 Green-Eyed Dick February 13th, 1996
1x7 Lonely Dick February 20th, 1996
1x8 Body & Soul & Dick February 27th, 1996
1x9 Ab-dick-ted March 4th, 1996
1x10 Truth or Dick March 12th, 1996
1x11 The Art of Dick March 19th, 1996
1x12 Frozen Dick March 26th, 1996
1x13 Angry Dick April 2nd, 1996
1x14 The Dicks They Are A-Changin' April 9th, 1996
1x15 I Enjoy Being a Dick April 21st, 1996
1x16 Dick Like Me April 23rd, 1996
1x17 Assault With a Deadly Dick April 30th, 1996
1x18 Father Knows Dick May 7th, 1996
1x19 Selfish Dick May 14th, 1996
1x20 See Dick Run May 21st, 1996

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 See Dick Continue to Run (Part 1) September 22nd, 1996
2x2 See Dick Continue to Run (Part 2) September 22nd, 1996
2x3 Hotel Dick September 29th, 1996
2x4 Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space October 6th, 1996
2x5 Much Ado About Dick October 13th, 1996
2x6 Dick the Vote October 27th, 1996
2x7 Fourth and Dick November 3rd, 1996
2x8 World's Greatest Dick November 10th, 1996
2x9 My Mother the Alien November 17th, 1996
2x10 Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick November 24th, 1996
2x11 Dick Jokes December 8th, 1996
2x12 Jolly Old St. Dick December 15th, 1996
2x13 Proud Dick January 5th, 1997
2x14 Romeo & Juliet & Dick January 12th, 1997
2x15 Guilty as Dick February 2nd, 1997
2x16 A Dick on One Knee February 16th, 1997
2x17 Same Old Song and Dick March 9th, 1997
2x18 I Brake for Dick March 16th, 1997
2x19 Dick Behaving Badly March 23rd, 1997
2x20 Dickmalion April 13th, 1997
2x21 Sensitive Dick April 27th, 1997
2x22 Will Work for Dick May 4th, 1997
2x23 Fifteen Minutes of Dick May 11th, 1997
2x24 Dick and the Single Girl May 11th, 1997
2x25 A Nightmare on Dick Street (Part 1) May 18th, 1997
2x26 A Nightmare on Dick Street (Part 2) May 18th, 1997

Season Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 Fun With Dick and Janet (Part 1) September 24th, 1997
3x2 Fun With Dick and Janet (Part 2) September 24th, 1997
3x3 Tricky Dick October 8th, 1997
3x4 Dick-In-Law October 15th, 1997
3x5 Scaredy Dick October 29th, 1997
3x6 Moby Dick November 5th, 1997
3x7 Eleven Angry Men and One Dick November 12th, 1997
3x8 A Friend in Dick November 19th, 1997
3x9 Seven Deadly Clips December 3rd, 1997
3x10 Tom, Dick and Mary December 3rd, 1997
3x11 Jailhouse Dick December 17th, 1997
3x12 Dick on Roll January 7th, 1998
3x13 The Great Dickdater January 21st, 1998
3x14 36! 24! 36! Dick! (Part 1) January 25th, 1998
3x15 36! 24! 36! Dick! (Part 2) January 25th, 1998
3x16 Pickles and Ice Cream January 28th, 1998
3x17 Auto Eurodicka February 4th, 1998
3x18 Portrait of Tommy as an Old Man February 25th, 1998
3x19 Stuck With Dick March 18th, 1998
3x20 My Daddy's Little Girl April 1st, 1998
3x21 The Physics of Being Dick April 15th, 1998
3x22 Just Your Average Dick April 28th, 1998
3x23 Dick and the Other Guy April 29th, 1998
3x24 Sally and Don's First Kiss May 6th, 1998
3x25 When Aliens Camp May 13th, 1998
3x26 The Tooth Harry May 20th, 1998
3x27 Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary May 20th, 1998

Season Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show September 23rd, 1998
4x2 Power Mad Dick October 7th, 1998
4x3 Feelin' Albright October 14th, 1998
4x4 Collect Call for Dick October 21st, 1998
4x5 What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do With Dick? October 28th, 1998
4x6 I Am Dick Pentameter! November 4th, 1998
4x7 D3: Judgment Day November 11th, 1998
4x8 Indecent Dick December 8th, 1998
4x9 Happy New Dick! December 15th, 1998
4x10 Two-Faced Dick January 5th, 1999
4x11 Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons January 12th, 1999
4x12 Dick and Taxes February 2nd, 1999
4x13 Sally Forth February 9th, 1999
4x14 Paranoid Dick February 16th, 1999
4x15 The House That Dick Built February 23rd, 1999
4x16 Superstitious Dick March 2nd, 1999
4x17 Y2dicK March 16th, 1999
4x18 Dick "The Mouth" Solomon April 6th, 1999
4x19 Citizen Solomon April 27th, 1999
4x20 Alien Hunter May 4th, 1999
4x21 Dick v. Strudwick May 11th, 1999
4x22 Near Dick Experience May 18th, 1999
4x23 Dick's Big Giant Headache (Part 1) May 25th, 1999
4x24 Dick's Big Giant Headache (Part 2) May 25th, 1999

Season Five Edit

Episode Title Airdate
5x1 Episode I: The Baby Menace September 21st, 1999
5x2 Dick for Tat September 28th, 1999
5x3 The Fifth Solomon November 2nd, 1999
5x4 Dial M for Dick November 9th, 1999
5x5 Dick and Tuck November 16th, 1999
5x6 Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner November 23rd, 1999
5x7 Sex and the Sally November 30th, 1999
5x8 Charitable Dick December 14th, 1999
5x9 The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary January 11th, 2000
5x10 Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary January 25th, 2000
5x11 Dick Puts the "Id" in Cupid February 8th, 2000
5x12 The Big Giant Head Returns February 22nd, 2000
5x13 Rutherford Beauty February 22nd, 2000
5x14 This Little Dick Went to Market March 14th, 2000
5x15 Youth is Wasted on the Dick March 21st, 2000
5x16 Dick Strikes Out March 28th, 2000
5x17 Shall We Dick? April 18th, 2000
5x18 Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole May 2nd, 2000
5x19 Frankie Goes to Rutherford May 9th, 2000
5x20 Dick Solomon's Day Off May 16th, 2000
5x21 The Big Giant Head Returns Again (Part 1) May 23rd, 2000
5x22 The Big Giant Head Returns Again (Part 2) May 23rd, 2000

Season Six Edit

Episode Title Airdate
6x1 Les Liasons Dickgereuses October 24th, 2000
6x2 Fear and Loathing in Rutherford October 31st, 2000
6x3 InDickscretion November 14th, 2000
6x4 Dick'll Take Manhattan (Part 1) November 21st, 2000
6x5 Dick'll Take Manhattan (Part 2) November 28th, 2000
6x6 Why Dickie Can't Teach December 5th, 2000
6x7 B.D.O.C. December 12th, 2000
6x8 Red, White & Dick December 19th, 2000
6x9 Dick Digs January 9th, 2001
6x10 There's No Business Like Dick Business January 16th, 2001
6x11 A Dick Replacement January 30th, 2001
6x12 Dick's Ark February 6th, 2001
6x13 You Don't Know Dick February 13th, 2001
6x14 My Mother, My Dick February 20th, 2001
6x15 Glengarry Glen Dick April 17th, 2001
6x16 Dick Soup for the Soul May 1st, 2001
6x17 Mary Loves Scoochie (Part 1) May 8th, 2001
6x18 Mary Loves Scoochie (Part 2) May 15th, 2001
6x19 The Thing That Wouldn't Die (Part 1) May 22nd, 2001
6x20 The Thing That Wouldn't Die (Part 2) May 22nd, 2001

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The title of the series refers to the planet Earth and its spatial relationship as the third planet from the sun.
  • The name of the series is often referred to as simply 3rd Rock.
  • Most of the episode names are double entendres that incorporate the word "Dick" into the titles. Dick Solomon is one of the main characters on the series. 108 out of 139 episodes contain some variation of the word Dick in the title. Another show that made use of this formula (though without the sexual inuendo) was the 2008 relaunch of the Knight Rider television series. All of the titles were famous pop culture idioms that incorporated the word "Knight" into each name.

Collections Edit

Collection Episodes Region 1 release Region 2 release Region 4 release
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 1 20 July 6th, 2005 May 17th, 2004 November 9th, 2005
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 2 26 October 25th, 2005 June 21st, 2004 November 9th, 2005
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 3 27 February 21st, 2006 August 30th, 2004 February 8th, 2006
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 4 24 May 2nd, 2006 October 25th, 2004 July 6th, 2006
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 5 22 August 15th, 2006 January 24th, 2005 February 7th, 2007
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 6 20 November 14th, 2006 June 10th, 2002 February 7th, 2007

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