344 Clinton Street
344 Clinton Street
Continuity: DC Universe
Aliases: 306 Clinton Street
Category: Residence
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
City: Metropolis
Locale: New Troy
Residents: Kal-El; Kon-El
1st appearance: Superman, Vol. 1 #112

344 Clinton Street is a fictional street address featured in comic books published by DC Comics. It first appeared in Superman, Volume 1 #112 in March, 1957.

Description Edit

344 Clinton Street was the location of a high-rise apartment complex in midtown Metropolis. When Clark Kent arrived in Metropolis after spending several years abroad, he moved into apartment 3-D on the third floor. Clark remained at 344 Clinton Street during most of his career as Superman. During the brief period when Superman was considered "dead", the exuberant clone known as Superboy briefly took up residence in apartment 3-D.

History Edit

Clark Kent received an anonymous post card in his mailbox at 344 Clinton Street marked with the hand-written words, "I KNOW!!". This was from his old adversary, Kenny Braverman. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Both the Pre-Crisis version of Superman, and the Post-Crisis version of Superman maintained a residence at 344 Clinton Street in Metropolis.
  • In the Pre-Crisis continuity, Superman modified Kent's apartment to include several unique features including a fake wall, a secret closet (for storing Superman robots) and a personal trophy room. The front door to his apartment was outfitted with a secret lock that only Clark Kent knew about. None of these characteristics were preserved in the revised Post-Crisis version of 344 Clinton Street.
  • In some stories, Clark's apartment is identified as 306 Clinton Street. [1]

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